Dr. Tammy Stenberg

Doctor Of Chiropractic (2013)

Bachelor of Human Biology (2010)

Licensed Massage Therapist (2005-2014)

One of Dr. Tammy’s goals is to help remove dysfunction from the musculoskeletal nervous system through utilizing gentle, non force chiropractic techniques. Dr. Tammy uses techniques such as Activator method and Sacro Occipital Technique, while integrating connective tissue modalities such as Craniosacral Technique. Another focus of Dr. Tammy’s treatments is to review the nutritional choices that each individual makes. By using the Nutritional Response Technique, Dr . Tammy can determine where there are deficiencys developing within specific areas and organs in the body. Afterall, food is our bodies fuel and our cells are truly made up of what we eat! Most importantly Dr. Tammy listens to her patients and understands that people are dynamic beings influenced by many forces. She strives to be your greatest ally in helping you live a long, high quality, balanced, pain free life! 

Dr. Tammy’s passion is bringing a restored level of functional health for each of her patients.

Dr. Tammy’s history and extensive experience as a bodyworker gives her the special ability to feel beyond her finger tips.

Prior to being a Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Tammy was a Massage Therapist for 9 years. She understands the importance of getting the patient into a state of relaxation and the importance of maintaining that in order for the body to let down some of its natural protective defenses to allow the healing process to occur. Dr. Tammy’s history and extensive experience as a bodyworker gives her the special ability to feel beyond her finger tips. Although Dr. Tammy applies the scientific knowledge she learned through a rigourous medical training program she is able to use specialized, gentle techniques because her hands are trained to listen to the patients unique body. By eliminating any nerve interference in the spine with low force techniques combined with proper nutritional counselling and support, Dr Tammy will customize a treatment plan designed to help each individual of all ages; from infants to seniors, and men and women in between for any number of different conditions. Whether its back/neck/joint pain, headaches, asthma, insomnia, fatigue, weight management, lack of energy, or any other health care concern please schedule an appointment today! Dr. Tammy looks forward to meeting you soon!

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