Prior to being a Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Tammy was a Massage Therapist for 8 years. She understands the importance of getting the patient into a state of relaxation and the importance of maintaining that in order for the body to let down some of its natural protective defenses to allow the healing process to occur. Dr. Tammy's history and extensive experience as a bodyworker gives her the special ability to feel beyond her finger tips. Although Dr. Tammy applies the scientific knowledge she learned through a rigorous medical training program she is able to use specialized, gentle techniques because her hands are trained to listen to the patients unique body. By eliminating any nerve interference in the spine with low force techniques Dr Tammy will customize a treatment plan designed to help each individual, male and female, of all ages; from infants to seniors, for any number of different conditions.








Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is a unique, scientific, and very effective technique that is clinically proven to detect areas of dysfunction within the body. Each body has an electrical energy that is expressed through the physiology of the nervous system. Dr. Tammy is trained to test all the systems of the body to discover any areas that may have excessive or diminished energy, which may be a result of an unknown stressor that the body is struggling with. The nervous system is very sensitive. Once it is compromised, organs, glands, and tissues may be affected and can eventually cause ill health. Once the specific stressor is determined, Dr. Tammy will recommend an individualized natural health improvement program to help guide her patient through their healing process.




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