"Just a few days before the Beaverton CrossFit Fall Brawl I hurt my back. I was in pain and had lost some much needed mobility for my competition. Dr. Tammy came to my rescue! She made time for me on short notice. Dr. Tammy explained the process for getting me on the road to recovery and without applying intense pressure or torque she was able to align my skeletal structure. The pain stopped and my mobility improved! Two short visits to see Dr. Tammy and I was healed up and ready to compete once again. Thank you Dr. Tammy!"

-Dean D.

"I am so grateful for all the help Dr. Tammy has provided for me through NRT.  For such a long time I had digestive issues, thyroid issues and lots of fun issues with peri-menopause.  Since I started NRT and the supplements 6 weeks ago, my hormones have mellowed out even more than I expected, this is great news!!!  I feel more energetic now that my digestive system is healthy again and I even lost 7lbs (totally unexpected) and have kept it off! I highly recommend NRT as an alternative to prescriptions or specialized diets.  I am a fan for life!

-Chrissie A.

"I’ve done several detox programs in the past, but found the one that Dr. Tammy offers to be the easiest to execute and it produced the same results as those where I am deprived of many foods.  I started it with the intent to ‘feel better’ after the 10 days.  Much to my surprise I NEVER felt hungry and lost weight which I haven’t put back on.  Thanks Dr. Tammy…think I’ll do this at least two times a year!"

-Linda B.

"I lead an active lifestyle and also have a physically demanding job.  Recently, I became frustrated with discomfort in the middle of my back I wanted to address.I understand there are a variety of medical options I could call upon and wanted to do the least invasive and most beneficial.  I sought Dr. Stenberg out and she was able to reduce my discomfort and align my back.  The results were almost immediate!  While alleviating the discomfort was great, she also provided some proper body mechanic lifting insights that would lessen the risk of future aggravations.  I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Stenberg." 

-Jason S.



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