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Current Choices, Future Generations

Current Choices and Future Generations

by: Dr. Tammy Stenberg

What if you could help prevent your children or your grandchildren or even your great-grandchildren from suffering from health problems? I think we would all be on board because we want our loved ones to live long, healthy, pain free lives right? What would be your reaction if I said that the choices you make today to feed and fuel and create wellness in your own body affects the future generations in your family? We are not only influencing them through visually seeing healthy habits of living but also within their template of life; their genetic make-up. You have just been introduced to the concept of epigenetics.

Every day we get to make choices. In our country we have been blessed with the freedom to make all kinds of choices, some would agree, it’s almost to our detriment sometimes. We have an abundance of different foods, good and bad. We have a variety of choices on how to maintain our health whether we choose Natural Holistic medicine or Allopathic Westernized medicine. As a society we have a plethora of options. Gaining knowledge through education, reading, having an inquisitive mind, and having trusted sources of medical information all beholds the power for us to make decisions that will ultimately build up the life and vitality within our body, or move us closer to disease. The path we choose will change the structure and effectiveness of every organ, gland, muscle, and nerve right down to its cellular construction. It not only affects us actively as living individuals but also for our future generations to come as we pass those cellular templates on through reproduction.

Epigenetics is an evolved science which recognizes how our external environment affects our genome. What is included in our external environment? The food and water that we physically put into our body, the air we breathe, various stressors that we endure daily, EMR (electromagnetic radiation) from our electronic devices, everything our skin is exposed to, and yes… even our thoughts. The idea of epigenetics is the understanding that all of the toxins that we are exposed to day in day out are changing the blue print of our genes! There are many tools that can help empower us to create a healthy environment for our own body to thrive in as well as our children… and their children… and their children! At Healing Hands Chiropractic and Wellness we seek to identify what the underlying cause is of a person’s dis-ease. Or, better yet, to stay ahead of any problems by providing preventative care, which is most ideal. Through low-force, gentle Chiropractic techniques (Activator Method and Sacral Occipital Technique), Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), and Reiki/Attunements we can help guide you and your family along by offering information on healthier lifestyle choices as well as detecting restrictions in the central nervous system! Regularly removing blockages and restrictions will allow the body’s innate cellular design to function as beautifully and wonderfully as it was originally supposed to. We are committed to the local Flathead community in creating wellness with the understanding that there is a ripple effect; present time as well as generational! We want to be part of your family’s journey to getting well and staying well. Remember! Every day is a blessing and we get to make choices…let’s make them good ones!


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