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Activator Method Technique


Activator Method Technique is a safe and scientifically proven method that has been used on patients of all ages since the 1960's. Dr. Tammy's objective is to restore spinal balance in a gentle, effective manner using the Activator Adjusting Instrument. By analyzing leg length inequality, body mechanics, and testing neurological reflexes, Dr. Tammy is able to assist people suffering from a variety of conditions such as neck pain, low back pain, whiplash, headaches, knee and foot pain, sciatica, disc problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain, and sacroiliac pain.


SOT (Sacral Occipital Technique)


SOT (Sacral Occipital Technique) is also a comprehensive and gentle technique that has been mastered since the early 1900's. This method of chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the Sacrum (base of the spine) and the Occiput (base of the skull).

The spine is desgined not only holds our body upright but it creates anchor points at the sacrum and skull for various tissues and it also protects our delicate nervous system. When the sacrum is out of balance it has the same effect on the occiput and visa versa. Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (CSF) is a nutrient rich fluid that is naturally pumped throughout the spinal canal, the brain, and the nervous system. It acts as the circulatory system for the brain and spinal cord. Hence, when there is dysfunction in the  sacrum and occiput the CSF will not flowing optimally. The nervous system controls our entire body and can only function normally when our structures are balanced.



"Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases."   -Hippocrates (460-377 BC.)



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